First Assessment Call – Reaching out is the hardest part. I am hear to listen and point you in the right direction. Finding the right therapist is a process and I might not always be the one to fit all your needs. I can speak to you and see if what I offer and have experience in is what specifically is the right fit for you. I am a motivated to help and will work to find the right person for you if it is not me. Please feel free to call or text me at 561-508-9740.

Individual Therapy Session- What to expect in your first therapy session? Your first therapy session will be a time to meet with me and review your history. It will be beneficial to have you bring in the initial intake form that I will email to you prior to our initial session. From the first session on together we can create a treatment plan that will meet your individual needs. I will guide you to feel confident in meeting your goals.

EMDR Therapy Sessions- EMDR is a specialized therapy uniquely designed to address truama as well as various other issues. As a therapist trained in EMDR I can asses when EMDR would be best to use. I will assess the situation and recommend EMDR when appropriate. If you are interested in learning about this powerful theraputic tool which produces healing for millions of individuals please inquire with me about it.

Couples Counseling- Relationships can be a challenging environment to navigate. I have trained in couples communication and prepare enrich both wonderful tools to help reduce conflict and increase communication skills. For those couples looking to strengthen their bond, further their intimacy and better their connection please reach out to find out more.

Private Yoga- Yoga has played a major role in my own life to reduce anxiety and racing thought. I am a strong believer in Yoga for meditation, balance and emotional regulation. Yoga as a mindfulness practice brings mind body awareness like no other form of exercise. It has been around for thousands of years. Yoga is an ancient form of meditation that combines breathing, postures and focus in a flow together. I am a Yoga teacher and love to incorporate this into my theraputic practice. If you are new to Yoga or want to further your Yoga practice I offer private Yoga lessons.